Tuesday, September 13, 2016

attorney fees - accurate, complete time records

Rougvie et al. v. Ascena Retail Group – ED Pa. – Sept. 12, 2016

As we found in our July 29, 2016 Opinion, Class Counsel performed extraordinary work for the over 18.4 Million Class Members. Class Counsel is entitled to be paid now for reasonable hours for their efforts on behalf of the Class Members who selected immediate cash or a voucher.

But when, as here, Class Counsel representing over 18.4 Million consumers in a national consumer protection case largely based on state statutes submit time records without adequate descriptions or otherwise do not contemporaneously maintain time records, we must not approve funds allocated for Class Members to pay for ambiguous uncertain services.   We provided Class Counsel three opportunities to clarify their services but still cannot determine the benefit to the Class from several time entries. At this initial hourly fee stage, we will not approve payment of all of the proffered hourly billings without support to be paid from the Class recovery.

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