Thursday, July 26, 2007

mortage foreclosure - HEMAP

Fish v. PHFA - Commonwealth Court - July 25, 2007

Court upheld PHFA's rejection of the HEMAP application of a attorney/petitioner.

PHFA had rejected the application, finding that
a) applicant did not show that he was suffering financial hardship due to circumstances beyond his control, because
- he got a tax return of $6180, enough to make 10 mortgage payments, but saved nothing toward the mortgage delinquency
- applicant had net monthly income of $2161, enough to meet his regular monthly expenses, but "has failed to save any funds toward the delinquency"

b) applicant did not comply with procedural requirements of Act 91, in that he failed to attend a face-to-face meeting with a consumer credit counseling agency (CCCA) within 33 days of the date of his Act 91 letter

c) since applicant had received but not acted on an Act 91 notice in a first foreclosure action, no second Act 91 letter was required before the second foreclosure was commenced under 12 Pa. Code 31.203(a)(3)(iv)

The purpose of an Act 91 notice is to "instruct the morgagor of different means he may use to resolve his arrearages in order to avoid foreclosure…and also gives him a timetable in which such means must be accomplished." Applicant got that information.