Tuesday, May 03, 2016

UC - willful misconduct - rule violation - good cause for non-compliance - circumstances

Bell v. UCBR – Cmwlth. Court – April 26, 2016 – unpublished memorandum opinion*

“The fact that the claimant knew the employer rules and did not strictly comply with it does not necessarily require a finding of willful misconduct.”  Circumstances may provide good cause for lack of compliance.

In this case, claimant had a very minor accident (knocked over a mailbox).  Employer rules required the immediate reporting of accidents.  Claimant didnt report until he returned to the office.  Circumstances included that: the accident was very minor; claimant’s cell phone did not work, nor did his partner’s; his partner, who was senior to him, advised that it was ok not to report until returning to the office; claimant reported immediately upon return to the office.
*An unreported Commonwealth Court case may not be cited binding precedent but can be cited for its persuasive value.  See 210 Pa. Code § 69.414(b) and Pa. R.A.P.  3716

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