Friday, September 30, 2005

Pennsylvania Bulletin of October 1, 2005

Here is the link to the Pennsylvania Bulletin of October 1, 2005
Items of potential interest include:

- court rules - proposed - dom. rel. - conferences, service of process, masters reports, etc.

- court rules - local - Schuylkill County - divorce masters

- attorneys - attorneys displaced by Hurricane Katrina - practice in Pa.

- community & econ. development - grants to local governments to promote community and/or economic development

- community & econ. development - urban development program - guidelines

- education - approval of PSSA performance level descriptors and performance level scores

N.B. -- You can access the entire issue any Pa. Bulletin in PDF form by clicking on the "entire bulletin" PDF link at the bottom of the index page for that issue

Donald Marritz, staff attorney
MidPenn Legal Services - Gettysburg