Monday, April 23, 2007

custody - setting trial date w/in 180 days of filing

Dietrich v. Dietrich - Superior Court - April 20, 2007

The court held that, since a trial was not scheduled in this case within 180 days of the date the complaint was filed, as required by Pa. R.C.P 1915.4(b), the order that resulted from a trial that took place more than 180 days after filing had to be vacated and the case remanded "to restore the immediately-preceding custody order....Either party may then file a petition to modify custody pursuant to Chapter 53" of the state domestic relations act, 23 Pa. CS, and Pa RCP 1915.4. Go figure.

UC - quit v. fire - "park your truck"

Bell v. UCBR - Commonwealth Court - filed 2-20-07, ordered reported 4-20-07

Journeyman plumber's argument that his supervisor's use of the phrase "park your truck" meant that he had been fired was rejected. Claimant was held to have voluntarily quit when he left the job after a confrontation, during which the supervisor used the phrase.

The UCBR resolved all critical factual issues in favor of the employer, including that the supervisor's statement that "if Claimant did not like working with [the supervisor] or Employer, provided Claimant with the option to continue his employment and did not possess the immediacy and finality of a firing."

There were also findings that the claimant had made numerous prior requests to be laid off, had not questioned the supervisor about the meaning of his statement, and that continuing work was available. Claimant's testimony and argument that "park your truck" had a special meaning in the profession--you're fired--was rejected under the totality of circumstances in the case.