Sunday, August 14, 2016

UC - vol. quit - substantial change

Uniontown Medical Rehab. v. UCBR – Cmwlth. Court – July 29, 2016 – unreported* memorandum opinion

Claimant had good cause to quit her clerical job at doctor’s office, where the referee and Board found that there was substantial unilateral change in working conditions, to wit, a “constant threatening to cut the claimant’s hours to part-time” and reduce her pay by $3.00/hour, if she refused to work all of the overtime hours that the doctor considered necessary to get the job done.

*An unreported Commonwealth Court case may not be cited binding precedent but can be cited for its persuasive value.  See 210 Pa. Code § 69.414(b) and Pa. R.A.P.  3716

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