Friday, March 22, 2013

Child abuse expungement - standard of proof - GV v. DPW - appeal granted

G.V. v. DPW – Supreme Court of Pa. – March 21, 2013
petition for allowance of appeal granted




AND NOW, this 21st day of March, 2013, the Petition for Allowance of Appeal is GRANTED on the following issue, as stated by Petitioner:


Whether Commonwealth Court erred in requiring a “clear and convincing” evidentiary standard of proof in child abuse expunction cases under the Child Protective Services Law

(CPSL), 23 Pa.C.S. §§6301-6386, where the legislature had established substantial evidence as the required standard of proof?




See GV v. GPW – Cmwlth. Court - July 12, 2012 (5-2)


and TT v. DPW