Monday, July 14, 2008

consumer - FTC Do-Not-Call registry - indefinite registration

SUMMARY: In this document, the FTC amends its rules under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) to require telemarketers to honor registrations with the National Do-Not-Call Registry indefinitely.

This action is consistent with Congress’s mandate in the Do-Not-Call Improvement Act of 2007, which prohibits the removal of numbers from the Registry unless the consumer cancels the registration or the number has been disconnected and reassigned or is otherwise invalid. The Commission also will continue to coordinate with the FTC on additional ways to improve the Registry’s accuracy.


47 CFR § 64.1200 Delivery restrictions.

(c) (2) A residential telephone subscriber who has registered his or her telephone number on the national do-not-call registry of persons who do not wish to receive telephone solicitations that is maintained by the Federal Government. Such do-not-call registrations must be honored indefinitely, or until the registration is cancelled by the consumer or the telephone number is removed by the database administrator.