Monday, May 21, 2007

custody - standing - step-grandparents - parents not separated

Helsel v. Puricelli - Superior Court - May 21, 2007

A step-grandfather is not a "grandparent" under the the Custody and Grandparents Visitation Act (GVA), 23 Pa. C.S. 5301 et seq.

Even if he were, he would not have standing under the facts of this case, in which the parents, who had been separated for more than 6 months at one time, were back together as an intact family at the time the step-grandfather filed his action. Sec. 5312 allows a grandparents to seek "reasonable partial custody or visitation" where the parents "have been separated for six months or more..." The court held that the "GVA only applies where parents separated at least six months before the filing of the custody petition and remain separated at the time the petition is filed."