Thursday, February 16, 2006

UC - voluntary quit - leaving the work site

Iaconelli v. UCBR - Commonwealth Court - February 16, 2006

Claimant was held to have quit her job when she left the work site and did not thereafter try to return to contact the employer. She "did not take any steps to preserve her employment relationship."

"An employee merely leaving the work premises is not enough to determine intent to voluntarily terminate her employment….A claimant must have a conscious intention to terminate her employment….An employee who leaves her employment w/o informing her employer when or if she is planning to return may be held to have voluntarily quit….However, the majority of these cases allow for a reasonable period of time in which an employee has the opportunity to manifest an intent to quit and the employer has the opportunity to contact the employee or vice-[sic]versa."

Donald Marritz
MidPenn Legal Services